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About Ethmar


Ethmar is a leading holding company based in Abu Dhabi. We pride ourselves on our ideology of “adding value”, which has been a pillar in our progress that helped shape us into who we are today.

By cooperating with our main partners, we promote and develop diversified businesses across a wide range of key sectors at both the local and international levels, catalyzing tangible, long-term returns which ensure an unceasing and efficient growth.

The story of our logo

The horse has always been a significant icon as a part of our heritage and culture, known as a being of nobility, strength and freedom. To us, at Ethmar Holdings, the horse represents characteristics that serve as our root fundamentals.

A horse’s speed and stamina are reflected in our determination to become leading and our ability to continuously endure while pushing forward on a path of steady progress towards our desired results. As a finishing touch, the golden infinity symbol signifies our vision of continuous growth and future prosperity for our company.